'The Launch'



A Post-Western Sci-Fi Mystery Thriller Dream Sequence In Hopes to Benefit and Raise Monies for the Creation of a new album by Chimney Choir!

The story begins on October 3rd at Syntax Physic Opera with 'The Launch,' a celebration show to kick off an Indie-gogo fundraiser for Chimney Choir's forthcoming new album. The pseudo-formal evening will feature performances by Chimney Choir, Phil Norman's Gravity Cello, and Davey B Gravey's Tiny Cinema along with some of Denver's most colorful characters, real and imaginary. As they explore the role of money and independent fundraising in the arts, a janky-fantastique adventure saga begins in a multimedia homemade carnival theater spectacle. Who knows what unexpected surprises may occur?

Always testing the borders of convention, Chimney Choir was awarded Best CD Release Show (Westword) for it's thematic album release scheme in the summer of 2013. Creative adventurous people of all income brackets are invited to join in these one of a kind events which invite the question- what does it take to achieve a dream in these modern times?

After The Launch, Chimney Choir continues it's adventure narrative and fundraiser with 'The Lift', a series of time-released webisodes. And finally, 'The Landing' on October 24th at Syntax Physic Opera will conclude the story and the campaign.