Spring news


Warm tidings of spring to you, hello friends!

It is nearly time to emerge from our long and fruitful winter hibernation.  For the last few months our energies have been concentrated wholly and solely on our upcoming ballet with Wonderbound, 'BOOMTOWN' - we decided to scrap all of the music originally intended for this project in order to write the entire score from scratch.  At first it felt kind of like diving headfirst off of a cliff into the scary dark unknown-ness.  But we are happy to report that the project has grown wings and the music that came of it is unlike anything that we've ever done before!  

First we researched film noir plots, invented symbolic chant notation, went through a minimalist phase, studied the Fibonacci sequence, and freestyled over house beats.  And then we trimmed and pruned, cut and combined, and watched patterns and themes emerge from the explosion.  We're still at it, sculpting lyrics and transitions. Wonderbound has started in on the dance and set design and it is awe-inspiring to watch the characters, story, and music unfold and come to life.  Boomtown is set in a time somewhere between the past, present, and future and tells the tale of a certain someone finding purpose in the familiar city that everyone is talking about.  There will be a sneak peek Boomtown Teaser performance on March 24th (expected to sell out very soon) and BOOMTOWN will run from April 17th through the 25th.  Click on the link to get your tickets now!

We are also very excited to announce that we will join Trout Steak Revival at theBluebird Theater for their CD release show on March 26th.  We'll kick the night off by throwing down a tasty mix of old and new tunes and we expect to have a super duper time with the lovely Trout Steaks and YOU.

We are making Boomtown into an album and so we postponed recording the Dream album until this summer - we cannot WAIT to get crackin'.  Our work on the ballet will undoubtedly shape and direct the Dream in all kinds of as-yet-inconceivable ways.  We are so appreciative to all who contributed to the Dream Album Campaign, it was an action-packed couple of weeks and we raised over 70% of our goal through crowdsource fundraising.  Soon afterward we found out that we were selected as a recipient of the Colorado Creative Industries grant, which lifted us the rest of the way to our goal.  Yeehaw!  Colorado Creative Industries is an incredibly supportive organization and we are honoured to have been chosen.  THANK YOU for your support - we could not have done it without you.

But enough about us.  How are you?  Have you been reading any good books lately?  We've been reading The Travels of Marco Polo and short stories by Flannery O'Conner. Been watching Monty Python, Orson Welles, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Totally missed the Oscars but Boyhood sure was amazing! 

Please stay in touch and come say hi at one of these performances.  We'd love to see you again soon.

Yours truly,

Chimney Choir