Boomtown album release


Greetings and Kaboom! We hope you were all spangled up in stars this 4th of July weekend. Ruby Hill was a prime spot to watch the festivities, with views of beautiful illegal fireworks leaping and popping out of countless backyards stretching as far back as the eye can see. But, after every great holiday you've got to get back to the real world. And the real world is looking stranger every day...

We would like to thank everyone who took the trip to Boomtown with us in April and for our encore shows in June. It was a year and a half in the making, and worth every second (that's roughly 48 million seconds!). Although the show is over, we have been busy recording our original soundtrack from the ballet. And the most exciting news we have for you today is that we will be releasing the BOOMTOWN soundtrack as our third full length studio album onAugust 29th in Wonderbound's unique urban rehearsal space known as Junction Box. We will be playing our favorite selections from Boomtown and we will have a very exciting opening set from visionary indie-world-folk multi-instrumentalist Elin Palmer. Expect a night like no other! Is that even possible? Only one way to find out... tickets and information can be found here- seating is very limited and advanced tickets are encouraged, recommended and applauded! 

In the meantime, we have a few tricks up our sleeve. We'll be performing this Friday, July 10thin Winter Park as part of the Music on the Mall series in Cooper Creek Square. We excavated the Chimney Choir archive to re-discover some gems from the past for this show. We'll also be playing some new songs and select cuts from Boomtown. Basically we're going to run the gamut between 6-8 on Friday outdoors in the summer in winter mountain wonderland.

Immediately after that we will hop on the first train to Neptune (departing daily from Union Station) where we will explore our Dream Album in a laboratory full of wizard gadgetry and alien technology. We are looking forward to losing ourselves in some far off corners of the universe in order to capture the Neptunian Dream... but we will be returning briefly at 4:30pmJuly 17th for a street performance in Denver's famous Biennial. Then, back to outer space.

On August 9th we will be singing songs from the Coen Brothers' “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” at Syntax Physic Opera, as part of the Church of Coen ceremonial house of worship series. And we must say, we are so excited to evoke this old timey sound! This movie is wonderful and it's music is ever inspiring. We'll definitely go Down to the River to Pray. We may even go to Big Rock Candy Mountain.

We will be spending the rest of the summer and fall working on the Dream Album in hopes to release it in the Spring of 2016. It's a year full of surprises...each more unexpected than the last! So, come along with us and buckle your seat belt (it's the law) and fasten your helmet and put on your shin guards and goggles and flippers. And bring a bucket too. And some heavy duty degreaser and a good supply of Lara bars. Maybe a towel and some floss. It's going to be a wild ride... but we're not afraid!

Bravely yours,

Chimney Choir